Nozzle Heaters


Mineral Insulated Nozzle Heaters

  • Operating temperatures to 1400°F (760°C) safely melts resins such as PEEK®, Teflon®, Ultem® and Zytel®
  • Higher watt densities contribute to faster heat-up and throughput for increased productivity
  • High thermal conductivity of MI and low mass construction provides an almost instant response to temperature control
  • Stainless steel cover and side fold design resists contamination by overflow of plastic or other free-flowing materials
  • Permanently attached clamp bars eliminate cumbersome clamping straps for easier installation

Pre-Coiled Cable Nozzle Heaters

  • Low-profile construction provides easy installation in the tight environment of multiple-gate molds
  • No-heat tail section reduces temperature at the adapter eliminating failures due to overheating
  • Single tail with dual lead occupies less space in the wire raceway
  • 360° circumference for even heating
  • Optional externally welded thermocouple to the sheath for temperature measurement capabilities


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