Fluid Delivery Heaters


Product Description

Syringe Heaters

  • Long operational life improves system reliability and reduces equipment down time—minimizes the need to reschedule procedures
  • Two heater configurations provide flexibility and adaptability provides maximum flexibility to accommodate various syringe sizes (silicon wire) and provides high tech look and functionality (polycarbonate/foil)
  • Customizable to most OEM requirements which allows over-mold to be modified and color matched for a seamless, integrated appearance
  • Optional precise, repeatable temperature sensing control maximizes patient comfort, minimizes patient risk, increases the consistency of test results by eliminating temperature and viscosity variations and improves product life versus bimetal thermostats

Fluent In-line Heater

  • Small, lightweight, robust heater construction
  • High watt density, low mass heater
  • Integrated solution that replaces multiple components
  • Internal thermocouple for high limit control

Freeflex Heated Tubing

  • Flexible heat-up and transport system eliminates the need for heated reservoir systems in many applications
  • Direct contact between the heating element and tubing provides fast, efficient more responsive heating
  • Available in three configurations: FREEFLEX design – allows tubing to flex, coil or bend around system components, Pre-formed design – allows longer tube length in smaller volume, Molded design – provides a compact heating assembly for easy installation
  • Integral sensors maintains close control of heater and fluid temperatures
  • Miniature sizes as small as 1⁄32 in. (0.8 mm) inside diameter transports and heats fluids in even the smallest spaces


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