High-Temperature Heaters


Product Description

Ceramic Fiber Heaters

  • High temperature ICA resistance elements bounds integrally into required position
  • Lightweight, low-density alumina-silica composition molded into shape ensures a firm, thermal shock resistant, self-supporting unit at all operating temperatures
  • Operating temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C) provides high-temperature performance not possible with many other heater types
  • Low mass ceramic fiber insulation allows the heater to reach process temperature quickly, efficiently heating the load instead of itself
  • Works directly off common power line voltages eliminating the need for expensive transformers or complex power control systems

High-Temperature Firerod Cartridge Heaters

  • High-temperature seal results in longer heater life
  • Alloy 800 sheath transfers heat more efficiently
  • High emissivity sheath provides better heat transfer and longer heater life

Multicell Insertion Heaters

  • Multiple, independently controllable zones for process temperature uniformity
  • Radiant design of heater permits easy removal and replacement with minimal downtime
  • Oxidized sheath improves heater performance as oxidation increases
  • Quick disconnect plug and jack enables quick replacement of individual elements while maintaining operating temperature
  • Special bending capabilities solves unusual machinery needs

High-Temperature Tubular Heaters

  • Alloy 600 sheath material and a special internal construction maximizes performance and corrosion protection in tough applications
  • Dual-ended termination Installs into flanges and screw plugs similarly to standard product configurations
  • Bendable in standard formations makes the heater easy to apply in a wide variety of applications


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