Specialty Heaters


Product Description

Ultramic Advanced Ceramic Heaters

  • Robust AlN ceramic provides durable heater construction and thermal transfer necessary for high temperature and long heater life
  • Superior electrical performance assures low leakage current
  • High thermal conductivity makes for an ultra-fast temperature ramp rate of up to 150°C (270°F) per second
  • Type K thermocouple integrated into assembly improves accuracy with optimized temperature sensing
  • UL® and CE agency compliance, including RoHS, meets global safety standards

Thick Film Conduction Heaters

  • Watt densities up to 75 W/in² (11.6 W/cm²) for clamp-on applications allows for precise, repeatable wattage distribution and uniform temperature profile
  • Threaded stud termination produces strong, trouble-free connections

Coil and Cable Heaters

  • High ductility allows the heater to be cold-formed into almost any shape
  • Low mass allows for quick response in both heating and cooling
  • Capable of operating in unusual environments, including cryogenic and sub-freezing temperatures, high vacuum, gaseous and liquid immersion heaters
  • 240V maximum voltage
  • Durable construction materials for high-temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance along with ideal expansion properties


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