Process Automation

Control Technology and Remote I/O
  • Electronic controllers and remote I/Os including electrical peripherals for standard and potentially explosives atmospheres.


Product Description

Valve Terminals
  • Valve modules with electrical multi-pin, individual, or fieldbus connections or integrated control, with or without electrical inputs and outputs
Pilot Valves
  • Solenoid valves for controlling pneumatic actuators with Namur interfaces (VDI/VDE 3845) as well as application-specific valves for typical safety applications in process automation.
Sensor Boxes
  • Digital and analogue limit switch boxes with optical display for quarter turn actuators in standard and potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Electropneumatic positioner for control functions in combination with quarter turn actuators.
Linear Drives
  • Pneumatic linear actuator for opening/closing and control applications with integrated positioner. Suitable for linear valves such as knife gate valves, penstock valves and pinch valves.
Quarter Turn Actuators
  • Pneumatic quarter turn actuators according to the rack and pinion or Scotch yoke principle, in aluminium or stainless steel, for automating butterfly valves and ball valves.
Ball Valves and Ball Valve Units
  • Brass and stainless steel ball valves as single components or ready assembled with a pneumatic actuator.
Angle Seat Valves
  • Angle seat valves made of gunmetal (red brass) and stainless steel, fully assembled and actuated by a direct supply of compressed air.
Solenoid-Actuated Media Valves
  • Directly operated, pilot operated and force pilot operated media valves in brass and stainless steel for controlling different liquid and gaseous media.
Pneumatically Actuated Media Valves
  • Angle seat and pinch valves for various media, from gaseous to highly viscous and abrasive media.
Compressed Air Preparation
  • Service unit combinations and individual units for compressed air preparation in two series: MS series and D series (in metal or polymer)
Pneumatic Fittings System
  • Pipes
  • Hoses
  • Plug connectors
  • Couplings
  • Branching modules
  • Protective conduit systems
  • Accessories.

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