Hotcontrol Thermocouples

Angle Thermocouples and RTDs (Types PWF 1 and TEF 12)

Suitable for measuring temperature on injection and die-cast molds in plastic and zinc die casting. Angle sensors are beneficial wherever a straight cable outlet is not possible or not wanted, e.g. for space reasons. The connection lead’s bend-protection spring serves as mechanical protection. The sensor is fastened in place with, e.g. a compression fitting or a screw-in thread


Product Description

Insert Surface Thermocouples and RTDs (Types TEF 2/PWF 2)

Insert surface sensors are used preferentially for temperature measurements in solid objects, e.g. hot-glue applicator heads or welding/sealing jaws of packing machines.
The cable’s junction with the protective tube is strain-relieved. The stainless-steel protective tube protects the measuring point from chemical influences and mechanical damage.
The sensor is fastened in place by direct insertion into the bore hole or with a flange.

Thermocouples and RTDs with Bayonet Cap (Types TEF or PWF 4, 11, 16, 20)

Thermocouples and RTDs with a bayonet cap are used preferentially for temperature measurements in solid objects, slide bearings, and tools, e.g. for injection molding or extrusion of plastics in the plastics industry.
The probe tip’s special shape means these temperature sensors are suitable for use in plane and tapered bore holes.
The stiff compression spring made of rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel, which simultaneously acts as bend protection, ensures that the probe tip exerts consistent contact pressure in the bore hole. The installation length can be varied by twisting the bayonet cap.
The bayonet cap is available in several diameters.
Screw-in adapters are available in various designs.

Ring Thermocouples (Types TEF 13/30)

Ring thermocouples were developed for temperature measurement on surfaces. They can be attached easily with a screw and are suitable for numerous areas of use, e.g. hot-runner manifolds.

Surface Thermocouple (Type TEF A)

For temperature measurement on pipelines and all cylindrical shapes. The sensor is welded or soldered into place. The connection lead’s bend-protection spring serves as mechanical protection.

Clamping Band Thermocouple (Type TEF SP)

Common names also include ‘pipe-clamp thermometer’ and ‘pipe-clamp RTD’. These are used to determine the temperature on pipelines and cylindrical bodies. They are attached using the adjustable clamping band. The connection lead’s bend-protection spring serves as mechanical protection.

Flange Mounted Thermocouple (Type TEF 68)

For temperature measurement on tools, e.g. hot-runner manifolds.
This sensor is especially economical in terms of space and can be attached easily to the flange with a screw. The bend-protection spring on the connection lead serves as mechanical protection.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples/RTDs

Mineral-insulated thermocouples/RTDs, also known as sheath thermocouples/RTDs, represent a special type of temperature sensors. They consist of a flexible, thin-walled, mineral-insulated cable that allows a long service life thanks to its shock-proof construction. They differ from other temperature sensors in their compact construction, fast response times to temperature changes, and flexibility, which allows their introduction into hard-to-reach measuring points.
The materials used (1.4541 and 2.4816) mean that the sleeve welds and solders well, has optimum strength properties at high temperatures, and meets the typical requirements in environments with gaseous and liquid media.
Connectors and compression fittings are available in numerous varieties.


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