General Cylinder


Product Description

ACD Series

  • Aluminium tube
  • WIth built-in magnet (Standard)
  • Square type rod cover enables direct mounting.
  • Space saving by mounting without bracket.
  • Front mounting & bottom mounting.

ACL Series

  • Aluminum tube available for Ø125~Ø300.Ligher weight & auto switch type available.
  • Steel tube : Ø250~Ø300
  • Excellent durability and performance.
  • Various mounting styles.

ACM Series

  • With built-in magnet. (Standard)
  • With non-lubricated seal.
  • Improved cushion ring and special seal increase
    the absorbable kinetic energy.
  • Cushion needle avoid detachment.

ACR Series

  • Aluminium tube
  • Shorthened round cylinder
  • Lighter weight than that of conventional type
  • Flange type and double clevis mounting is available.


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