Compressed air preparation

Compressed air preparation

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Product Description

Service Unit Combinations

  • Service units for preparing compressed air, consisting of different combinations of units in two series.

Filter Regulator / Lubricator

  • Filter regulator
  • Lubricator

Filter - Regulator Units

  • Space-saving design with filter and regulator integrated in a single unit


Filters for purifying compressed air in accordance with various quality classes

  • Standard filters
  • Fine filters
  • Micro-filters
  • Active carbon filters


  • Pressure regulators for compressed air preparation
    • Standard regulators with various pressure regulation ranges
    • Precision pressure regulators
    • Electrically controlled pressure regulators
    • Regulator manifolds


  • Lubricators for adding lubricant for pneumatic components to compressed air.

On-Off Valves and Soft-Start Valves

  • On-off valves for starting up and exhausting systems.Soft-start valves for gradual pressure build-up.

Air Dryers

  • Adsorption dryer with defined pressure dew point and high flow rate, as well as membrane air dryer with flow rate-dependent pressure dew point.

Air Distributor

  • Branching modules and distributor blocks as an intermediate outlet for different qualities of compressed air

Condensate Drain

  • Condensate drain for attachment to service units as well as compressed air networks and systems, for automatic discharge of accumulated condensate.

Pressure Amplifiers

  • Components for boosting pressure within a subsection of a system.

Pressure Indicators

  • Pressure displays for compressed air preparation.

Accessories for Compressed Air Preparation

  • Mounting elements
  • Manifold blocks
  • Securing elements
  • Pressure indicators
  • Device-specific accessories.


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