Cartridge Heaters


Product Description

Cartridge Heaters

(type HHP and LHT) are core products of hotset’s tradition. Excellent knowledge, high-quality materials as well as the outstanding manufacturing guarantee long life and excellent product features.

By intensive cooperation – also with special applications – hotset gives again and again innovative impulses to its hotrod®cartridge heaters with new technical features (e .g. humidity-resistant connection area).

By optimal production conditions of Hotset Malta Ltd. an unique price-performance ratio can be achieved for larger quantities. hotset hotrod®cartridge heaters offer high functionality and high production safety – driving quality!

Coil Heaters

hotset was already in 1980 one idea ahead as they presented the first round hotspring coil heater. Since then further innovations have been made: hotspring®/Mini (type WRP 1,3 x 2,3), flat and square, hotspring®/Maxi (type WRP 4,8 x 8,6) as well as hotspring®/Micro (type WRP 1,3 x 2,3).

This innovation as well as the humidity-resistant coil heaters according to I.P. 65 (type WRP/F 2.2 x 4.2 – WRP/Q 3.0 x 3.0) emphasize the consequente alignment to new challenges.

Ceramic Band Heaters

  • Ceramic Rand healers are versatile and widely used throughout the industry Easy installations & removal with last lwat transfer
  • Special high grade steatite insulators for superior thermal conductivity Reduces down time for replacement
  • Ni-chrome wire for uniform temperature & maximum amperage carrying capacity

Tubular Heaters

With the three dimensional bendable hotflex®, the square tubular heater as well as a wide range of e. g. round or flat tubular heaters hotset offers a complete product range for different applications.

The wide variety enables also the realisation of special applications e. g. a high-temperature incoloy version or a gas protected tubular heater.

Flexible Tubular Heaters

The hotflex® is worldwide the first tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage (the hotflex® is supplied in straight condition with numerous lengths from stock) are outstanding product arguments.

Towards the traditional heating (e. g. with hotrod® cartridge heaters type HHP) the three dimensional bending of the hotflex® makes high flexibility possible for engineers.

Ceramicx ~ Infrared Heater

Standard Features
* Iron-chrome aluminim resistance wire
* Heater voltage: 230 Volts standard. (other voltages available on request)
* Useful wavelength range: 2 to 10 Microns.
* Average Operating Life: 5,000 – 10,000 Hours.
* Recommended radiation distance from heater is 100mm to 200mm.
* Supplied with 100mm±10mm ceramic beaded power leads.
* UL approved
* Based on FTE test of average surface temperature with an infrared thermometer set at an emissivity of 0.9 (with the element mounted in an aluminised steel reflector, RAS)
* These temperatures also apply to the FFE and the SFSE
* For FTE and FE devide the wattage by two
* For QTE and QFE devide the wattage by four


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